Filthy assistant (annetten) wrote,
Filthy assistant

Fifty books

Bought a stack of Moomin books and have mostly been reading those...

Jansson: Trollvinter (and how I loved this one! The best of the lot, if you ask me)
Jansson: Sent i november
Jansson: Trollmannens hatt
Jansson: Farlig midtsommer
Jansson: Det usynlige barnet og andre fortellinger
Jansson: Pappaen og havet
Wodehouse: A Man of Means

...which brings me up to 15, I think. Not bad. I'm trying something that for me is very scary: not bringing any books on my holiday, just what I have downloaded to the phone. There's plenty of classics in there, but nothing really new (except for Doctorow). Supposedly there are English-language bookshops in Japan, so I will probably be able to find something if the strain proves too much (har), but I'll try to do without.
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