Filthy assistant (annetten) wrote,
Filthy assistant

Fifty books March/April

So! I brought only two books to Japan, which meant that I read lots and lots on the phone. Worked remarkably well, actually, except that I'm cheap, so March was mostly reading old stuff which could be downloaded for free. Still, Jack London is always worth revisiting.

London: The Star-rover (The Jacket)
London: White Fang
London: The Call of the Wild
London: Before Adam
London: The Daughter of the Snow
London: The Scarlet Plague
Verne: Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea
Verne: The Mysterious Island
Ferguson: Hokkaido Highway Blues
Riccardi: Untangling my Chopsticks
Novik: Victory of Eagles

...which brings me to a total of 26 books so far this year.

Coming up: Finishing The End of mr. Y, Buchter's latest Dresden adventure and possibly The Glass Book of the Dream Eaters. But mostly schoolwork, I'm afraid.
Tags: fifty books
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