Filthy assistant (annetten) wrote,
Filthy assistant

Food meme

I'm starting this one.

Regular rules apply: answers below this post, repost questions in your own blog if you're so inclined.

1: What is your favourite ingredient?
2: What is the one (or two, or three) ingredient that you just can't cook without?
3: Favourite dish?
4: Describe a meal you've had that you'd really like to relive (it doesn't have to do with the food, necessarily).
5: What do you like to cook the most?
6: Share a recipe with me!

Aaaaand my answers:
1: I have several, I think, but I really love my reduced-stock bottles ("fond").
2: Onions. Use'em with everything. And cream.
3: Mum's christmas duck, stuffes with prunes and apples, served with red cabbage and tiny caramelized potatoes.
4: I'm lucky enough to have had several of those. My most recent was a Sunday dinner at Kampen Bistro, where everything - the food, the company, the service and the mood - just blended together seamlessly and wonderfully.
5: Sauce. A good sauce brings all the different dishes together, while tasting great all by itself. My great-grandmother used to say that she wanted "She made some good sauce" on her gravestone ("Hun lagde et knippe god sovs" - oldemor var dansk), and I can see why.
6: I'm trying to work on side dishes other than potatoes, and today's turned out pretty good:

Chop an onion (see!) and two carrots and fry it lightly in a pan with butter and pepper. Add 200 g green lentils and 4 dl chicken stock, simmer for about 30 minutes. Salt and pepper to taste. Great with pork, will probably work with white fish as well. Or duck (yum).
Tags: food

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