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Cheap, but not as cheap as your girlfriend

Filthy assistant
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Hi Mum!

This blog is mainly an effort to keep my English alive. If I seem pretentious, that's probably just me testing my vocabulary to see if it still works. I post a lot of nonsense, but try to be good about the lj-cut-thing.

Otherwise: Norwegian, lives in Oslo, translates comics and works in a bookstore. Has a lovely husband who doesn't update much. Likes men with beards, dark beer, spaceships and people with opinions. Dislikes fluff, except when I don't. I judge shoes by their heels and books by their cover. Proud member of Warren Ellis' Holy Slut Army. Bouncers love me.

If you suddenly find yourself on my friends list, it probably is because I think you write well. No worries, I only stalk people who live really close to me.